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I am so blessed to have this platform and be able to have my voice rise up and be heard. I want to thank,  Haunting Happiness for taking the time to listen to my voice through my words of art. Thank you for picking my blog with the many others that you had nominated as well. Every voice should have its chance to be heard and being a blogger gives me the opportunity to do that.

I enjoy my culture and learning about myself every day. I love to see the many women of color go out there and show off their spark through education, talents, sports, business finances, mentorship, and natural products for healthier lifestyles. It blows me away when I see how many of us amazing women of color push for greatness and fulfill our blessings. Hard work and passion for a better lifestyle should be in demand. We as women endure so much on a daily basis and we still continue to strive for the best. I LOVE IT!!! This is why I blog and join the movement of being a Black Girl Who Codes.

Black Girls Who Code is being a girl of color that uses the online platform to have your voice heard. I enjoy using this platform because I am able to write my books, poetry, use online education to learn how to obtain better tools to help not only myself grow but others as well. The codes are the words that I use to have my voice be heard.

If you are a new blogger and don’t know what to write about and is afraid that people may not find your art interesting,  just know that this is more about YOU, then it is about them. You are the heart of your work. What you put out is meaning, whether a person may like it or not. This is your story and your journey. By not worrying about others, you rise more through the time of your creations.  The more you put focus on yourself through this experience, you will see how much enjoyable and important your words mean to many people. Every soul is different and that is the beauty of this platform. Love yourself and everything else will follow in place…Promise*

As I enjoy writing I also enjoy reading blogs that relate to the everyday topics that I find to my likings. I picked 15 amazing bloggers that give out different voices but carry the same message. I will continue to grow through you all and this amazing WordPress online community.

***Writers With A Phenomenal Voice***


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Keep up the Amazing work and Keep Writing!!!




I woke up to a new day today and decided not to wake up and think about my past. Every day I awaken I start to think of my daily problems as a routine. Thinking about my issues at the start my day would basically have me predict my day. I would wonder why my day would be so miserable and have repetitive events of the past days.

So, today I switch it up and woke up with a positive attitude. My day has been filled with patience, new ideas, and great visions. I noticed that my day is moving in another direction. So, do our thoughts create our reality? Oh yes, it surely does. What you think, you believe to be true sometimes isn’t the case. When you think of negative thoughts your energy is ready to give you what you want. You may think that a bad day is not what you’re asking for, but your thoughts seem to call for it.

It doesn’t have to be like that though! All it takes is thinking of another thought. Seriously this sounds crazy but it is true. I woke up today and thought about the positive things that I want and even though I may not be where I need to be, It felt like I was only steps away. I am able to think clearer with a positive attitude and make even better choices.

My thoughts control my day. You may think that your world can’t get any better and unfortunately you will believe it and that would be your reality. Your days would seem impossible to overcome and things will actually become harder for you. This is all coming from a thought you have and seem to believe. Its an illusion to your mind so blink your eyes and train your mind to switch channels to a more positive station in your mind.

You know, in my life I have the struggles that I endure daily but I am learning that it doesn’t have to be my reality and it definitely doesn’t define who I am. We ultimately have the power to control our lives and our way of a happier and healthier life. Take time and pay attention to yourself and learn about yourself. Ask yourself what is it that you really want in life.


If you focus on your highest goals and follow the steps to get there,  you would be forever joyful.


Feel the Energy 💥


Why am here? Well, I know I am here for a reason, but that is my question. What is my reason? What is my purpose? Every day I wake up I learn things about myself and through daily experiences, whether good or bad… I learn a lot more.

I want to discuss people. I am married and I know my spirit and vibes fluctuate with my husband’s. Wherever he is from and whatever background he is from will affect me one way or another. Ways of handling situations and ways he may make choices can be a huge energy red flag. You may have friends from all types of upbringings but their energy would always have some effect towards you.

I see how energy is the most powerful source and I take this very seriously. You can attract things and circumstances through energy, your true vibes. I had a friend that was so pessimistic and filled with doubt. When we would chill together her vibes would have me filled with anxiety and tears. She was the person that bad luck and sadness seem to follow. Guess What? That strong vulnerable energy seems to creep up in the atmosphere… and would affect my mood and my day.

But that is life so, would you illuminate her as a friend or try to help her. Now it’s okay to drop someone if their energy is too thick. You just slowly fall back and dive into another focus attention and proceed with focusing on positive movements towards your own life.

I couldn’t drop my friend tho. I helped my friend. I led her in the right direction and the rest is history. I showed her another way and learning about the universal laws and the connection that we all have with the universe. She was shocked. It was an experience that changed her whole thought process and mind frame. Her focus became more positive outlooks and I enjoyed her company even more.

People need to see that we control all areas and we make up our reality. But you can’t learn it all so fast. Daily task and affirmations is a great start. But one thing we can talk about is bettering yourself and moving forward, and if you don’t believe then your wasting your own time.

Love You All and Follow ur body vibes… it can’t and won’t lie to you!!! #💯🌌👈🏾

Mold The Clay With Your Focus


Why are some people behind and some are far up ahead? Let’s say financially you are struggling but the next person is breezing through wealth tremendously. What could be the reason for this? What are many doing wrong that some are not doing? Remember in the other blogs I spoke of the word focus. The focus is the key to your accomplishments. Your ideas are all manifestations ready to come to a real life form.

Now we know this all of, how what we focus on will soon have to come to life. But what are we all focusing on when we are behind and struggling? Well, many people may focus too much on the things that may be keeping them from where they need to be. That type of attention will only cause you to stay where you are in life and believe that the things that are happening to you is the story of your life, and that’s it. No way, if you are in that state of mind! It’s time to take your mind for a ride and start focusing outside your current illusionary situations.

It’s not easy to turn your mind shift if all you see is struggle all around you. Everyday situations arise like kids, marriage, health, abuse, drugs, food, and the number one thing that would change these situations, money.

When you think of solutions or maybe a thought of being happy from an abusive relationship, that becomes a very big step in manifestation. If you focus on how to make it happen with your step by step ideas, you are starting your engine. When these thoughts come into play, stay focus on it and keep building.  The universe would only allow for your manifestation to come to life. No doubt about that because how it works is called the law of attraction. With your ideas, comes focuses and with that focus it would bring you towards your goals.

When you focus on your ideas, you start to put that attention into action. Action from your thoughts will bring manifestation before your eyes. Let’s bring up an example of this pertaining to wanting a particular job. Just a couple of months back I was without a job. I spent my time caring for my youngest two and surfing the internet looking for work. Not only was I looking for employment but I would do paid surveys and it always felt like I was wasting my time. As I filled out an application, it was for a grocery store here in town. I thought to myself how great it would be to get that local job and do something simple like being a cashier.

In my thoughts, I had a doubt. I applied already to this job in the same year but a couple months back. I thought to myself for a second that they might not call me like last time. But at the same time, I had a vision of me wearing their uniform and being behind the cash register. Now I would have these visions periodically during the days. I didn’t really even think much about my past doubts of maybe not being hired. I also kinda forgot about the job application after applying for them. But still, visions would pop up of me working for them every once in a while.

One day I woke up and did what I regularly did in the morning with my cup of coffee which was check my emails and get searching. As I skimmed through the emails I had seen an email from the job I applied for. I was so siked to see the sentence can you come in for an interview? That was weird, it didn’t work out for me before but why now? I surely didn’t have the visions in my head about being a cashier back before when I applied the first time until I filled it out again. So, I thought that was pretty weird. But what is for me surly manifested. My thoughts and energy were so strong that it had to come to a reality and everything I vision is surely happening now.

How we see things and what we believe would become our reality. We mold the clay of our lives through what we focus on. Trust and believe in yourself. Any thought can come to a reality. It is done every day without you realizing it. When you awake thoughts of what you have to do during the day become your focus. When you focus on your agenda you put action towards it. The daily agendas that were just thoughts in your head when you were laying in your bed manifested throughout the day. Boom, you made it happen today with just thoughts. That is an example of how you can put your focused ideas into a reality.

I am still learning about myself every day and I tune into videos on the universal laws and everything that may follow under it. It is exciting to learn about you. There is nothing wrong with learning about your true power in this lifetime. It is meant to be learned and used. The truth is always within you.


Close Your Eyes and Visualize


When I zone in my thoughts I can really live the life I want to live/ the visions that I see are so crystal clear, I can just relive it over and over again/ I can be anywhere in a flash of a thought/ building up my visions together just to manifest the greatest part.

Deep in my thoughts where I stay, I feel true happiness/ my inner world is protected by pure honesty/ My body cannot lie to me/ and in my mind, my thoughts are clear to see / at times when I close my eyes/ I fall in love with my dreams/ seeking what seems/ to be the truth in my heart/ I hold on to every part/ watching bits and pieces manifest into art.

I am part of many experiences / bad and good/ I owned it, accepted it and continued right on/ right or wrong / I will still continue to move on/ following my heart and the vibes that glow/ my mind power carries a magnificent flow/ conquering my manifestation through the visions I see/ I move to a different beat with my feat/ my actions take me places where my thoughts can always be free.

The laws that are made to stand for something/ law of abundance where there is great fortune / I aim for greatness/ so I seek for the understanding of my mind/ and I seek ways of bettering my time.

My eyes / they say its the key to my soul/ let my work unfold and may my message be once told/ truth to my freedom are the keys I hold.

So, I believe in my happiness/ the key lies within my own deepest thoughts/ stay positive and know its never too late/  there is a reward to be given/ in your increase of fate.


You Are What You Think About


In life, I’m sorry but you can not be lazy minded. The world is built for you to find yourself through the mist of the daily adventures of life. Learning about ourselves and taking care of our vessel’s is the true value. I hate to see people letting themselves go. I see through people and when I see before and after of, how people turned out physically in life is quite depressing.

I know people that I went to school with that are doing great and looking great. They took it upon themselves to get up and push for better and better every day. That is the beauty of their life and it is uplifting to their family. Taking the time to just focus is the real value of why you may not be where you may need to be in life. This is true information that I’m sharing. The mind is my fave topic but a very powerful one. What you focus on you will achieve, Point blank!

Having to focus on something without any distractions is a way of zoning into your main focus at every angle. In school, some would have issues with not being able to focus in class, so they then fail due to not being successful attentively.  Some find no interest, some are distracted by other factors. And unfortunately if its due to a disability it still affects the focus points.

What has been said is that human beings can not multitask. The brain can only focus on one task at a time. Well, that would explain a lot in the way of how we go about life. If my mind is focused on one area, it will then focus on another quick as a flash. The mood swings are another factor from this and that is another flop toward being focus. Many things can throw you off and distract your focuses.

How can we wipe out distractions? I’m sorry yall, but you going to have to talk to yourself and be real. Get up and take a risk because the outcome will teach you and push you to the next step. You cant have that lazy mentality. You need to push yourself for better always. We are learning every day about our lives and how we need to adapt to society. If you were to focus on the bad things in your life, sorry to say you will stay right there in your thoughts.

That was one of the things that I learned from doing my research. You become what you think about and that is the focus that I am talking about. If you focus on positivity and become uplifted in thoughts, you will succeed. You would be so focused on the happier aspect of life that your actions become successful steps. It is amazing but for many, this is very hard to do. I mean the society has humanity focused on so many things and with that comes the changes in society, and technology may I add.

So when I mean, “Get Up and Push Yourself”, I mean to go out and seek the help you need to become better and don’t be ashamed to be You and taking your life to the next level. That is why we are here to learn to push for the highest achievements, and like they say if you fail that was supposed to be a learning lesson during your growth.

I am intrigued by our strengths so, I choose to do my research. I have been through a struggle in my life and I am learning to end it. I feel that learning more about me will push me to a better understanding of life and how I’m able to live happier and healthier. I want a healthy mind more than anything. A powerful, ” I can control myself” mind…lol!! But I want to think better and focus better. I want to know when to turn away from the negative signs that brainwash your true self. Learn how to maintain being motivated, staying within visualization for a successful manifestation, and what are we capable of ( more like an inner self-achievement).

I share my thoughts with you and through this post is an important message. It starts with you and your thoughts. Seek what makes You happy and live Your life. Make great visions and seek more positive outcomes. Your thoughts are what you bring to life.


Seek Your Worth


It pisses me off to see abuse in front of my face. People are different so when you see signs of suspicious behavior, learn to act on it right away. I am not perfect but these are things that I have learned from my experience. When something doesn’t feel right in a relationship it is best to follow your feelings. Your body cannot lie to you. Many of us know the red flags and still stay and take the risk. As an individual looking outside in, I saw sadness and fear in a wife today. Her husband looked to be a 65-year-old man that seemed miserable and mean. He spoke to his wife like she was a child and that made me very upset.

She took in his verbal abuse and had her head held down. I saw weakness in her eyes and she had sadness worn all over her. I asked myself why do we put up with things so dangerous as abuse and would really live with it for years knowing that its wrong. Why knowingly do we put ourselves at risk for someone else? What is the deal?

I learned from a pastor that some people can tolerate pain and some may tolerate pain more than others and some may not be able to tolerate pain at all. So that is like an example of abuse in relationships. Some individuals can take the risk and really tolerate it where some can only take a bit and then it becomes too painful and then they’re not beat. I can tolerate a hell of pain but it isn’t something to brag about. I had my own experience in life so that is something I know true about myself.

Whereas this lady who I was looking outside in seem to be tolerating pain for years. As for the person who is the abuser in the relationship, they need to be alone. Obviously, the whole people thing is not for an abuser. I’m not trying to be funny, but this man really upset me today with how low he disrespected his wife in public. To have it like that and embarrass your wife in public that just shows he has been hurting his wife for years.

I would look at her and wonder how can I help her? I wish I could help her and knock some sense into her but who am I kidding? Apparently, I needed a couple of knocks in the head too. We are blind to the things that are right in front of our faces. We tend to lie to ourselves and second guess our hearts. Well to answer anyone’s question, follow the messages your body gives. It doesn’t have to be a specific area, “well, yeah it can be.” Your hairs may stand up, your heart may feel like its coming out your throat, or you may see shit. Either way, the body doesn’t lie.

It’s time to give yourself a chance at happiness and run with it. No matter who is judging or criticizing your moves, they don’t complete you. It is never about what the next person has or can do. It is about your capabilities and what you can do. So we as women need to put us first no matter what. Without us, there is no them and we stand for fucking greatness. We as women are capable of doing the unexpected. So we tolerate shit because we really give a damn but sometimes caring too much will lead to it be taken as weakness. The other person would prey on the weak and have that person become their mental slave. You are living someone elses life. That I feel is not right nor acceptable.

Being a mental slave to a weak minded person is self-destruction in the making. They are blind and you are under their wing. Concern part of the matter is knowing that the person is blind as shit but you still follow behind. But what is the reason for such hypnotic behavior? Some feel that the man controls the foundation so it would be crazy to leave it. Others may feel some sort of security and wouldn’t know what to do without it.

When you die, you are alone through that next level of experience. Only you are the only one that comes into the world alone. So we as people really, need to know our worth. We cant be broken down by man… we all deserve happiness to an all-time high. Self worth is major. Working on yourself in improving is the best thing that you can really do for yourself.

My main point of this post was how sadden I am of the people that have to feel low and be led by confusion. Domestic violence is being controlled by a wicked energy that feeds off chaos. Watch the signs and act on them quick. You as a person that is part of the universe deserve the glory.






B is for beauty/ brown girl you got a glow

Melanin skin deep/ with the kinks to show

L is for learning/ education is the key

In opening the doors/ to set our minds free

A is for ambition have the desire to achieve

Anything is possible if you willing to just believe

C is for courage/ we prevail and explore

Just a better way for our minds to open doors.

K is for kindred we are similar in many ways

Rhythm to the beat/ we are striking in every way.

G is for Girls/ Girls, Girls, Girls 

We rise and uplift to conquer the world

I is for independent/ we do it on our own

Watch how we proceed from the top of our thrones

R is for respect/ we stand for what is right

With love and support, our bond is very tight

L is for leadership/ we aim to be the best

Learning to do better/ which we will always progress

M is for manifestation/ sharpen our minds to no limitation

The power of our thoughts turned into creation

A is for African / a culture we enlight

Through our struggles, we evolve/ like a star that shines bright

G is for growth/ “you can be anything you want to be”

Seek the world and explore

and be an entrepreneur

I is for imagination / taking our visions around the world

Yes we stand for something /yes we rule the world

C is for captivating/ a movement that is so fantastic

We rule the world/ with our Black Girl Magic






Determine to Dream

It’s the fire in me that got me going/ I’m steady zoning

They can’t understand me / my thoughts is pouring/ my drive is burning

You can see the passion in me/ I want it more and more

My energy pushes me/ I’m coming baby/ I’m the devoted score

Talented black beauty/ steady moving /never off duty

Through this world of chaos and insanity/ they can’t take my voice from me

Writings from a  poetic flow/ where my vibes grow

to unravel my soul/ as my story is told

Blog post after blog post

Reaching out to most

Supporting our cause/ fighting for our rights

Addicted to the pain /dedicated to the life

I AM FAITH/ believe in me/ I will grant your most hidden desires

Trust my struggle will soon expire

Travel miles trying to find answers and seek beyond limits reach

Beneath my feet/ roads to nowhere but empty streets

This is one battle I shall defeat

One day it will be the prize that I will soon meet

Capturing the daily meanings/ making sense of it all

Days seem more exciting/ too determine to fall

So, watch me grow through my words/ and my vibes

Talented blacker writer/ let it manifest from the skies

optimism / high hopes/ it’s so fantastic

I’m built for this/ it’s the glow of my black girl magic

May it wrap your mind to the true reason

Endless possibilities that change with the season

I am a woman that see the world with a different meaning

The universe lights my way/ the meaning casts my day

And my existence is left to play

I’m the captain of my heroic ship

May I sail the world/ avoiding all the endless pits

determine for change/ its like a force through my bloodstream

Fierce and unapologetic/ I’m Determine to Dream